At Saga Media we believe in concise, visually engaging content that is personality-driven. In a world gripped by social media, it has become clearer and clearer that consumers gravitate towards people not products; films featuring real people telling real stories have proven to be the de-facto medium to inform and connect with consumers, building brand trust and awareness.

Hi, I'm will

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While studying English in college, Will assumed he'd grow up to be a writer... that is until he became captivated by the power of visual storytelling. Since then he's married his two passions and learned that a great video unfolds much like a great essay: focused, concise, and thematically consistent. Outside of Saga Media, Will can be found listening to Beatles records and fingerpicking folk songs on his guitar.

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Hi, I'm Sebastian

​Sebastian brings to the table over 5 years of professional industry experience as a director, cinematographer, motion designer, and editor. Sebastian's natural skills in leadership and organization gives Saga Media drive, ensuring it's always improving. Outside of the job you can find Sebastian skateboarding and cuddling with his dog Pebbles!

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Hi, I'm Bri

Brianna Coccia has made a name for herself running audio for solo acts, wedding bands, theatrical sound, and location sound mixing. Brianna brings to Saga Media a fresh perspective on what audio can be. She finds that the "audio" in "audio-visual" is often just as important when it comes to connecting with an audience. Outside of Saga Media you can find Brianna mothering the astronomically large number of plants she calls her own.

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